Adornment is a powerful tool of self-expression. Worthy jewelry speaks of your personality and strength from across the room and is a lasting token of your presence long after you are gone. It should be made well and chosen thoughtfully.

Melissa J Tyson is a jewelry designer-maker based in Brooklyn, NY.

Melissa likes to figure out exactly how things work. She thoroughly investigates the history, chemistry, and properties of the techniques and materials that she uses, and keeps a growing library of books and notes.

A scavenger and researcher by nature, Melissa’s process tends to be vibrant and messy, with more than one piece coming to life at all times. She combines gold, silver, and copper metalwork, individually mixed alloys, and enamel with items from a sea of objects, stones, images, and words collected from her travels and research.

Melissa’s thoughtfully crafted designs are available through her studio, online shop, local stores and galleries, at in-person events, and by custom order.

Are you interested in a custom piece? Whether it is an engagement ring, weddings band, gift, personal amulet, or new setting for an heirloom stone, Melissa would be happy to talk with you about the project.

Please contact her studio directly at